FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES is one of the most popular companies in showlaser production. Every year, our shows fascinate thousands of visitors. We have the experience of more than 1000 laser events all over europe. You will also experience these 15 years of know-how appearing in our customer services again: when planning, when checking the show location, when seeing the perfect logistics and the smooth performance of the show itself.
    We produce showlaser events in any size you can imagine, starting with small indoor- up to REALLY BIG outdoor mega events with more than 30.000 visitors.
During the show, our specially trained personnel guarantees a safe operation of all laser systems.
  FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES is one of the few manufacturers of complete showlaser systems. Thus our rentable laser equipment is always State-of-the-Art.
For logistics and transportation we have our own vehicles available.
    Our equipment includes:
- laser systems from 5W to 30W lightpower output
- ScanBee DSP II 3D workstations
- ScanPro 80° high speed scanners for flicker-free laser graphics
- CrystalPure 12-channel modulators for color control (256 million colors)
- LaserBase optical tables for each laser system
- FiberPure glassfiber optical tables
- WaterScreen water projection systems
  - motorized big image screens
- digital surround sound systems
- complete range of laser accessoires, for example electrical power distributors, water- and pumping systems, splitting- and distributing devices
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