FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES has been the specialist in fascinating lasershows and complete multimedia productions for decades.
Our team of experienced showlaser professionals realizes the whole show production, starting with the idea to the concept up to the perfect show event.
Our lasershows inspire innumerable spectators every year.
We have the experience of more than 1000 lasershows.
    Our artists and software specialists co-operate with partners all over the world, especially in the U.S.A..
For the show production our clients have free access to one of the world's largest laser animation and graphics library, containing over 30.000 animations and single-graphics.
  FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES has all production materials in-house, including several workstations for digitizing and programming.
We also have our uniquely equipped production- and demonstration studio, where customers can preview even the most complex multimedia shows.

    Our studio equipment also consists of...
- Whitelight laser systems
- ScanBee DSP II 3D workstations on highest available level
- ScanPro 80° high speed scanners for flicker-free laser graphics
- CrystalPure 12-channel modulators for color control (256 million colors)
- LaserBase optical table for each laser system
- Several FiberPure glassfiber optical tables
- WaterScreen projection screens
- Several electric roller screens
- Special haze-effect generators
- Wind- and snow effects
- Digital multi-channel sound systems
  For years, FREITAG TECHNOLOGIES has also been specialized in the production of the most complex effect shows.
As there are for example: 3D-lasershows, multi-media events with laser in conjunction with slide shows, video, fireworks, as well as the realisation of live-performances working with actors and artists in the show.
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